The Book of Hops

We authored this fully illustrated guidebook for craft beer drinkers.The Book of Hops offers an indispensable explanation of the symbiotic relationship between hops and craft beer, providing a clear window into an often intimidating subject.

It captures how wonderful hops are with simple words, infographics, and ridiculously detailed photos. Think of this book as a new drinking companion on your way to becoming an enlightened hophead.

The Book of Hops profiles fifty of the most popular and important hops from around the world with notes on taste, composition, use, origin, history, and associated beer styles. A handy primer section explains the science, story, and production of beer including a breakdown of key ingredients, the brewing process, and even the right glass for the right beer. The book also describes twenty key beer styles, from Pale Ales and Pilsners to Imperial Stouts and New England IPAs, with a brief history and summary of each style’s taste profile.

With contributions from today’s most important brewers and growers, The Book of Hops is all you need to discover and fully savor your next favorite brew. Published by Penguin Random House.